B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2007 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)


(i) A written program before compilation is called ______

(ii) A ______ bit is used to check data transmission errors.

(tii) Optical Technology uses ___ to read and write data.

(iv) ______ is used to electronically link parts of a computer.

(v) ______ is the nonvolatile memory external to a computer.

(vi) The primary purpose of a computer system is to transform ______ to ______

(vii) Hardware devices that are connected to the computer are referred as ____ devices.

(viii) A direct data entry device designed for use in financial institutions is ______

(ix) The process of sending data electrically from one point to another is called ____

(x) An ____ is a set of computer programs that perform a task at the level of a human expert.


(b) State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE:

(i) Desk top publishing is used for word processing.

(ii) The Laser printer is an example of impact printer.

(iii) A gateway is used to connect two different types of networks.

(iv) Digital computer is used to measurement of physical property.

(v) Parallel processing uses two or more processors in a single computer

(vi) The dump terminals have certain processing abilities

(vii) The object-oriented approach reflects our natural perceptions of the world

(viii) An internet is an example of wide-area network communication

(ix) Direct-access file processing is also called random file processing

(x) Communication devices are used to send messages from their source to their destination


2(a) What is source data automation? Identify the categories of input devices (source data entry). Briefly describe the characteristics and functions of input devices commonly used in the organizations.

(b) Enumerate the steps involved in developing a software program with their major activities.

3. What is the Management Information System (MIS)? Enlist the characteristics of its subsystems. Also explain why Decision Support System is becoming the necessity of most Organizations.


4(a) Describe the components of Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS)?

(b) What do you meant by Network computing? Briefly describe the types of networks and the resources (hardware & software) required for construction of a network system.


5. Give brief definition on the following computer terminologies:

(I) Smart Cards (iv) Cyberspace

(ii) Web Browser (iii) Peripheral Device

(v) Protocol (vi) Multimedia

6. Differentiate between the followings:

(I) Client and Server

(Ii) Serial transmission and Parallel transmission

(iii) ASCII coding and the EBCDIC coding schemes

(iv) Expert System and Artificial Intelligence


7.(a) Define the End-user computing and its benefits.

(b) The followings abbreviations stand for:

BIT           CMOS            OCR           BIOS           FTP

RISC        WORM           WAN         GUI             HTML

NIC          PDA                 EDI           TCP/IP       LASER

SCSI        DVD-ROM      RAID        VAN           SMTP


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