B.com Part 2 – Economic Of Pakistan 2006 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Attempt three questions.


1 .(a) What are the Pie-requisites of Economic Development?

(b) Discuss the economic. Political and Social obstacles in the development of Pakistan’s Economy.

2. Examine the role of Human Capital in the Economic Development of Pakistan.

Define Industry. Briefly discuss the various classifications of industries.


3. What are the main Sources of Capital formations in a developing country likePakistan? What measures do you suggest to promote Capital Formation?


4. “Agricultural development is the basis of industrial development. Discuss with reference toPakistan.


What are the main causes of industrial unrest inPakistan? Critically examine the role of Trade Unions in resolving these problems.

5. Distinguish between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment. What are the main reasons of Unfavourable Balance of Payments inPakistan? Suggest measures to correct it.


6. Examine the Socioeconomic implications of industrial development on the economy ofPakistan.


7. What are the Costs and Benefits of Foreign economic assistance? Analyze it in the light ofPakistan’s Economy.


8. Describe the main heads of revenue and expenditure of the Government of Pakistan. OR

Name the Internal and External Sources of Industrial Finance inPakistan. Discuss the role of Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation in providing Industrial Finance.


9. What are the main objectives of Monetary Policy of Pakistan? How inflationary pressures can be controlled through this policy?

10. Write notes on any Two of the following:

(a) W.T.O.

(b) Main Exports ofPakistan.


(d) Objectives of Economic Planning.

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