B.com Part 2 – Economic Of Pakistan 2008 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Attempt three questions.


1. Define Economic Development. Explain the factors responsible for Economic Development of a country with reference toPakistan. (20)


2.What is meant by Poverty? Suggest measure to eliminate poverty in Pakistan. (20)

3.(a) Discuss the salient features of population ofPakistan. (10)

(b) Explain the effects of growing population on the Economy of Pakistan. (10)


4.(a) The over-all performance of agriculture sector is not according to expectation. Why? (10+10)

(b) How is green revolution possible in our economy? Explain.


5. There is a vital role of public and private sector in the industrial development. Evaluate with reference to, Pakistan.

6.(a) Discuss the problems of capital formation in Pak, (10)

(b) Suggest ways to invite foreign investments in Pak. (10)


7.(a) Describe the role of international Monetary Fund in the Economic development ofPakistan. (10)

(b) Discuss the cost and benefits of I.M.F Loans. (10)


8.(a) Differentiate between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments. (05)

(b) What are the causes of persistent deficit in Balance of Payments of Pakistan? Suggest remedial measures. (10)


9. Name the various means of transport and communication inPakistan. Elaborate the role of Railways in Economic Development of Pakistan. (20)

10. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(i) Present Energy Crisis

(ii) Objectives of Economic Planning

(iii) Agriculture Taxation

(iv) Deficit Financing

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