B.com Part 2 – Fundamentals Of Marketing 2004 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                    Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt Five questions in all. Question No.1 is compulsory.



1. Banking Sector has been growing In Pakistan for the past few years. Many domestic banks have now been competing with foreign banks. Besides established names of MCB, UBL & HBL, new domestic banks like PICIC and Metropolitan Banks are satisfying their customers with new products and effective customer services. The Success of domestic banks largely depends upon their ‘Meeting strategy;

Keeping in view the above situation, answer the following questions: (28)

a) Name some of the products of Bank.

b) State (in general) theMissionof bank and indicate Its Strategic Business Units (SBUs)

c) Briefly describe the SWOT of domestic banks, and foreign Banks.

d) State different Promotional Activities” usually conducted by domestic banks. Give examples of each.

2.a) Explain different types of ‘Retailers’. Give examples of each.

b) Describe the role of ‘Storage’ in distribution function. (09+09)

3. a) Define Product Mix, Product Live and Product item. (06)

b) Explain the significance of developing Product Mix Chart(06)

c) How is the Width, Length and Depth of Product Mix Chart calculated? (06)


4. a) Define Advertising Mention its main characteristics. (06)

b) Explain the Advertising Plan Give examples, where necessary. (12)


5. a) what is Skimming Pricing”? Describe the characteristics of customers looking for Skimming Prices. (06)

b) Briefly describe the various steps involve in developing “Pricing Strategy. (12)


6. a) Explain the role of Intermediaries In the distribution of convenience products. (09)

b) Describe the Advantages and disadvantages of different means of transportation. Give examples. (09)


7. a) What is a “New product”? How is “Modification” different from Innovation? (06)

b) Briefly explain the different steps involve in the development of “New Product (12)

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