B.com Part 2 – Management 2004 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.

1(a) “Management is getting things done through people”. In the light of the statement given concise definition of the term Management. (08 marks)

(b) Differentiate between planning and controlling functioning of management. (12 marks)

2.(a) Name the various General Principles of Management (08 marks)

(b) Discuss (i) Unity of Command (ii) UnIty of Direction and (iii) Scalar Principle briefly (12 marks)


3. Define DECISION.MAKING. What are the guidelines to decision- Making? (20 marks)


4(a) Name the various steps involved in the Planning Process.

(b) What the difference between Procedure, Rules and Policies? (10+10 marks)


5.(a) Define ORGANIZATION (05 marks)

(b) What is Line and staff Concept? Briefly discuss Line viewpoint. (16 marks)

6.(a) What is MOTIVATION? (05 marks)

(b) Compare MASLOW and HERZBERG theories of Motivation.


7(a) Elucidate the importance of HUMAN ASSETS. (05 marks)

(b) Describe briefly STAFFING ACTIVITIES. (16 marks)


8(a) Explain the communication process (05 marks)

(b) Enumerate the major ways that people communicate (15 marks)


9(a) Define LEADERSHIP. (05 marks)

(b) Name the various theories of Leadership. Discuss Trail and Behavioural Theory (15 marks)

10. Write short notes on any two of the following: (20 marks)

(i) Types of Group

(ii) Financial Control

(iii) Span of Control

(iv) Orientation and training.

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