B.com Part 2 – Management 2005 Private Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.


1a) Define’ Management’ (05 marks)

b) Briefly discuss ‘General Principles of Management. (15 marks)

2. Define Decision Making.

Explain the guidelines to Decision Making. (20 marks)
3. Write a detailed note on Management by Objectives. (20 marks)


4. Define Departmentation, state in detail the various bases of Departmentation (20 marks)


5.a) Name the various steps involved in the Staffing Process(10 marks)

b) Discuss and detail various typos of Orientation and Training methods. (10 marks)

6a) Explain various types of Budget (10 marks)

b) Briefly discuss various types of Controls. (10 marks)


7a) what are the steps involved in communication Process?

b) Name the various types of Communication Barriers. (20 marks)


8. What is Motivation? Name the various theories of Motivation. Discuss Maslow’s Need Theory in detail. (20 marks)

9. Define Groups. What are the reasons that give rise to their formations? (20 marks)


10. Write short notes on any THREE of the following. (20 marks)

(1) Span of Management.

(2) Staffing Process.

(3) Management Audit

(4) Human Balance Sheet.

(5) Performance Appraisal.

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