B.com Part 2 – Management Private 2007 Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.


1.(a) For a manager to be successful, he should possess so many qualities apart from his vocational proficiency. What are those qualities?

(b) Every manager big or small has to perform managerial functions. Discuss them.

2(a) Describe the steps in problem solving.

(b) Briefly discuss Guidelines to decision making.


3.(a) What do you understand by Planning Premises? What are their types?

(b) List the various steps involve in Planning Process.


4. What do you understand by ‘Span of Control’? In any Organization what factors will decide whether span should be kept wide or narrow.


5(a) What Is Motivation? And what is its importance to be a manager?

(b) How far money can operate as a powerful motivator?

6. Differentiate between Selection and Recruitment’. Describe the usual selection procedure.


7. Define Communication. Explain barriers that come In the way of communicating your message to your subordinates.


8(a) Why are the groups formed? Describe the common reasons.

(b) Briefly state various classifications of Groups.

9. Write short notes on any THREE of the following:

(i) Coordination

(ii) Factors of Communication

(iii) Various types of Budget

(iv) Staff Concept

(v) Difference among Policy, Procedure and Rules.

(vi) Division of Labour


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