B.com Part 2 – Management Regular 2006 Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.



1.(a) Discuss various stages of American Capitalism.(10)

1.(b) What are the tools or functions of the manager. (10)

2.(a) write down guideline to decision making. (10)

2.(b) Briefly discuss the various steps involved in Problem analysis. (10)


3.(a) Briefly explain the steps involved in planning process.

3.(b) Discuss various Planning premises. (15+05)


4(a) Explain the characteristics of a good controlling system. (10)

4.(b) Explain Various types of “BUDGET”. (10)


5. What do you understand by Centralization / decentralization of authority? What factors determine centralization or Decentralization of authority? (20)

6(a) What is Motivation? (05)

6.(b) Explain Abraham Maslaw’s theory of Humanistic approach about human need. (15)


7.(a) Explain the Communication Process. (10)

7.(b) Describe the medias to carry the massage. (10)


8(a) Define GROUPS. What are various types of Group?

8.(b) How Group members rank. (10+10)

9. Write short notes on any three of the following: (20)

(i) Human Balance sheet

(ii) Types of Leaders.

(iii) Inventory Chart

(iv) Line and Staff authority

(v) Performance appraisal

(vi) Types of Control.


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