B.com Part 2 – Management Regular 2008 Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.



1(a) Define MANAGEMENT. What are its functions? (10 marks)

(b) Mention the Contribution of Henri Fayol in the field of Management. (10 marks)

2.(a) Define ‘RATIONAL DECISION MAKING’ (05+15 marks)

(b) Explain the various steps in the process of Decision – Making.


3.(a) Why PLANNING is regarded as the Primary Task of Management? (08 marks)

(b) What are Policies? What are the effective guidelines for Policy Making? (12 marks)


4(a) Define ‘Organizing’. (08 marks)

(b) “Organizing is a tool for achieving enterprise objectives”. Discuss the basic elements of Organizing. (12 marks)

5.(a) What are the THREE BASIC STEPS IN CONTROL? (08 Marks)

(b) Explain various TYPES OF CONTROL (12 marks)


6(a) Discuss the importance of HUMAN ASSETS. (08 marks)

(b) Describe briefly the’ STAFFING ACTIVITIES’. (12 marks)


7(a) Abraham Maslow’s Humanistic Approach determines five basic needs that are required in nature. Explain. (12 marks)

(b) Who is Benevolent Arbitrary? Explain brief. (08 marks)


8(a) Explain COMMUNICATION PROCESS. (10+10 marks)


9. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20 marks)

(i) Co-Ordination

(ii) Delegation of Authority

(iii) Guidelines of Decision – Making

(iv) Types of Groups

(v) Management Audit

(vi) Inventory Chart


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