Behaviour of Liquid

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Behaviour of Liquid:



The ability of any matter to spread from higher concentration to lower concentration to increase its volume is called Diffusibility.



According to KMT of liquid, high forces of attraction present between molecules of liquid so they cannot move freely as the molecules of gases, therefore, the property of diffusion observe less in liquid as compared to gases.



The ability of any matter to decrease its volume on the application of external pressure is called Compressibility.



According to KMT of liquid the molecules of liquid are very closer to each other so the spaces between particles is less in liquid as compared to particle of gases, therefore, liquid are less compressible as composed to gases.



When any liquid is heated the energy of molecules increases so that these motion also increases therefore, increases in volume takes place called “expansion” on the contrary when liquid is cooled, the energy of molecules decreases so that spaces between them also decrease and its volume decrease and “contraction” takes place.

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