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Q. 1.    Why did Kashif”s mother refuse to buy sweets from the first shop?

Ans:     Kashif’s mother refused to buy sweets from the first shop because flies were sitting on the sweets.

Q. 2.    Why was the second shop dirty?

Ans:     The second shop was dirty because a man was sweeping the road by the shop.

Q. 3.    What do flies and dust carry?

Ans:     Flies and dust carry hundred of germs.

Q. 5.    How are diseases caused?

Ans:     Diseases are caused by germs.

Q. 6.    How do flies carry germs to food?

Ans:     When flies sit on the dirty things. There are germs on these things and they stick to the flies’ legs. When the flies sit and walk on food the germs stick to it.

Q. 7.    How do we get malaria?

Ans:     We get malaria from a mosquito bite.

Q. 8.   How can we get rid of Malaria?

Ans:    We can get rid of Malaria by not allowing any kind of stagnant water near the house. The last matter to getting rid of a mosquito is to spray kerosene oil or D.D.T to kill the mosquitoes before they are big enough to be harmful.

Q. 9.    Use the following words in your own sentences:

Diseases, dangerous, typhoid, malaria, enemies, dirty, to get rid of.

Diseases: Diseases are caused by germs.

Dangerous: Climbing up to the mountain is dangerous.

Typhoid: He was suffering from typhoid.

Malaria: He got malaria so he did not come to school.

Enemies: The germs are enemies of our health.

Dirty: Do not eat dirty things.

To get rid of: He wants to get rid of bad habits.

Q. 10.  Short Note:

One day Kashif went to shopping with his mother. As he was fond of sweets, he asked his mother if he might buy some. But his mother refused to buy because on one shop the flies sat on sweets whereas other shop was dirty because of dust.

His mother told him that flies and dust carries germs and these germs are enemies of the health so these things should not be eaten. Kashif told her mother that malaria was caused by mosquito. His mother told him that mosquitoes must be killed so that we can get rid of malaria. Further his mother told him that we should try to keep ourselves healthy as “Health is Wealth.”

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