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Q1.   Why was the village decorated?
Ans. The Village was decorated with buntings and colorful flags for the annual village fair.

Q2.   Why was is the best time to visit the village?
Ans. It was the best time to visit the village as the village fair was going on its full swing during the summer vacations.

Q3.   What kind of shops has been set up for the fair?
Ans. Temporary shops had been set up for the fair which enabled the villagers to sell and buy their goods and to do a good business.

Q4.   What was the use of these shops for the villagers?
Ans. The shops proved useful for the villagers as they were able to buy good of the daily use for e.g. girls were interested in buying rings and bangles women in household goods and farmers in farming tools and other such articles.

Q5.   What were the different entertainments in the fair ford?
Ans. The different entertainment in the fair ford children were swings and mercy go round a monkey entertaining others, jugglers and acrobats gave great joy to the children by performing their amazing tricks in fair.

Q6.   How did the jugglers entertain the peoples?
Ans. The jugglers entertained people by juggling with seven balls without dropping any one of them.

Q7.  How did the conjurer perform his tricks?
Ans. The conjurer took bilal’s handkerchief’ and tove it into pieces but when he returned it was undamaged.

Q8.   What is tent-Pegging?
Ans. Tent-pegging is a popular sport played in villages in which the riders have to pull up the wooden page fixed in the ground by their as the ride by at a gallop. The successful riders marched down the field with their lances held up proudly.

Q9.   What made the dogs runs in the dog race?
Ans. A rabbit made the dogs ran in the dog race.

Q10.  What was the special announcement?
Ans.  Special Announcements in the village was about the horse race to start.

Q11.  How did the acrobat perform in the village affair?
Ans. The acrobat walked on a tied rope. And then started climbing up the pole. He reached the top end and lay down flat balancing him on the pole. He got a big cheer from the Crowd.

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