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Q1. Why did mother ask Najma & Ajmal to g with her?
Ans. Mother asked najma and ajmal to go with her for shopping as their father had gone on tour and they were running short by groceries and provisions in the house.

Q2. How much the taxi driver demanded?
Ans. The taxi driver demanded ten rupees as fare for the market.

Q3. What did mother tell the taxi driver?
Ans. Mother objected at the demand of the taxi driver and that her house was quite near the market.

Q4. Where did mother and children go first for shopping?
Ans. Mother and children first went to the butcher‘s shop for buying meat.

Q5. What is the difference between beef and mutton?
Ans. The difference between beef and mutton is that beef is the meat of cow while mutton is the meat of goat and sheep.

Q6. What did mother buy at the butcher’s shop?
Ans. Mother bought 1 kilo of leg and 1 kilo of minced meat from the butcher’s  shop.

Q7. Where did mother go after making purchases?

Ans. Mother went to the fruit and vegetable market for buying fruit and vegetable.

Q8. How did mother buy bananas and apples?
Ans. Mother bought bananas in tense and apple in kilos.

Q9. What did mother buy last of all?
Ans. Mother bought eggs and chicken from the poul try shop in the end.

Q10. How far is the market from the house of Najma & Ajmal ?
Ans. The market was about 1000 meters of 1 km from the house of najma and ajmal.

Q11. When do we use metre,km, and liter ?
Ans. We use meter for measurement of length, km for distance , kilo and Kg for weight and liter for the quantity of liquid.

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