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Q. 1.    Where did men live in early days?

Ans:     Thousands of years ago, men lived in caves like animals.

Q. 2.    Why did they begin to live together?

Ans:     They began to live together because they learnt to live a safer and better life together.

Q. 3.    What happened when societies grew larger?

Ans:     When societies grew larger, many more professions and occupations developed.

Q. 4.    What should a trader do?

Ans:     A trader should trade honestly.

Q. 5.    What should not a milkman do?

Ans:     A milkman should not mix water into milk.

Q. 6.    If someone is dishonest what does he teach others?

Ans:     If someone is dishonest he teaches dishonesty others.

Q. 7.    How does a bad-citizen deserve to be treated?

Ans:     A bad-citizen deserves the same kind of treatment from others.

Q. 8.    What is our duty to our country?

Ans:     It is our duty to be loyal and patriotic to our country Pakistan.

Q. 9.    How important are our neighbours to us according to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)

Ans:     The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) once said, “ God lays so much stress on the rights of our neighbours  that I almost thought they would get the right of inheritance in our property”.

Q. 10.  What must we do to be good Muslims?

Ans:     We must be good and dutiful citizens in order to be good Muslims.

Q. 11   Use the following words in your own sentences:

Article, owes savages, societies, enjoy, traffic, benefits, instruction, garbage, filth,           measure, occupation, respect, sub-standard, ignore, patriotic

Article: There are many articles in this shop.

Owes: He owes to his friend.

Savages: They live like savages.

Societies: Societies are growing larger.

Enjoy: They enjoy the birthday party of their friend.

Traffic: Traffic problems are increasing in our city.

Benefits: There are many benefits of the radio.

Instruction: We should act upon the instructions of our teachers.

Garbage: Do not throw garbage on the public places.

Filth: There was no filth on the street.

Measure: He does not give short measure.

Occupation: He is a cobbler by occupation.

Respect: We should respect the elders.

Sub-standard:This shopkeeper sells sub-standard articles.

Ignore: Do not ignore traffic rules.

Patriotic: He is patriotic to his country.

Q. 12   Short Note

Many thousands years ago men lived in caves just like animals. Later on, he learnt to live together safer and easier life. Men started living in families and tribes and many more professions and occupations came into being. In this way, the society came into being which is extreme useful for the mankind.The society provides us many services so we must repay society for its services.

We should be loyal to our country. We should deal honestly to other members of the society. We should help government to solve problems that it faces. Islam lays so much stress on the rights of our neighbour so we should take care of our neighbours. In short, we cannot be good Muslims without being a good and dutiful citizen.

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