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There are many misconceptions about the nature and life style of Gorillas. Gorillas are considered to be ferocious and tenacious creatures, they are, in fact, gentle and tender.

It was due to some images of them in which they looked beastly that made people scared of them. An American explorer published a book about hunting of gorillas in the African jungle. He produced a photograph of an injured gorilla standing on the body of a hunter in a very aggressive style. Hollywood made a film “King Kong” in 1930 making as a terror to people.

Gorillas are not hostile to man. They are vegetarians; they do not attack on other animals. They look after their children with great care and are loving creatures. They only show their anger and fierce whey they are attacked or treated badly.

They also become hostile when they are kept separated in the cages from their families; they even attacked their keeper. The zoological gardens are now treating animals scientifically. They try to provide them the natural environment. The tribute therefore, goes to the zoos, which are taking cares of animals efficiently and affectionately. As a result the animals are behaving themselves. They are inoffensive and non-aggressive.

It is pity that the number gorillas are decreasing alarmingly due to the activities of man. Man is cutting forests where they live. Their number is now limited to a few thousand. Man exults in killing them. The wilds life is on the verge of extinction as the natural abode of the animals is disappearing from the globe of the World.

To sum up, gorillas, which and rightly called the “Gentle Giant”, are also endangered species like other wild life. We should do something for protecting wild life.


  • Images ————————- pictures, mental pictures
  • Offspring ———————- child, young
  • Rip —————————— tear
  • Ramp ————————— to play about energetically
  • Charge ————————–attack
  • Clamber ———————— to climb with difficulty
  • Spoiling ———————— showing great affection for
  • Enclosure ———————- place surrounded by a wall
  • Inoffensive animals ———- animals that are harmless
  • Dies hard ———————- It is difficult to forget
  • Adored grand-children —— grand-children that are greatly loved


Q.1 What did make the bad reputation of gorillas according to the lesson “Gentle Giants”?

Ans. Some pictures in which the gorillas have been shown as wild creatures and in some movies they have been shown dangerous to men made the bad reputation o gorillas. In the book of an American explorer about hunting gorillas contained many pictures in which gorillas are in ferocious state.

Q.2 How do gorillas live in the thick forests of Africa?

Ans. Gorillas are almost vegetarian and spend their days eating leaves and juicy stems in the thick forest of Africa.

Q.3 Describe the nature and behavior of gorillas according to lesson “Gentle Giants”?

Ans. Gorillas are not hostile to man and other animals unless they are attacked or treated badly. They also become hostile and fierce whey they are kept separated in the cages from their families.

Q.4 How do the gorillas bring up their children?

Ans. The gorillas love their children too much. They are vegetarians. They don’t attack on other animals. They have kind nature and love specially children. They even try to play and show their mischievous behavior.

Q.5 Why did the author David Attenborough want to tell us about gorillas and saying them “Gentle Giants”?

Ans. The author David Attenborough wanted to clear the misconceptions and tell the nature of gorillas so he called them “Gentle Giants”. In this way the author is trying to convince the readers that the gorillas are big animals but they are not harmful to man and for other animals.

Q.6 What is the procedure that is being used to keep the animals in the zoological gardens?

Ans. Scientific methods and techniques are being used to keep the animals in zoological gardens, a natural environment is provided to keep the animals their survival. all the animals are treated with love and become non aggressive.

Q.7 What is future of gorillas according to the lesson “Gentle Giants”?

Ans. gorillas are becoming endangered in the wild life. No more than a few thousand low land gorillas like jumbo still survive. His slightly bigger, shaggier relatives, the mountain gorilla are now reduced to only few hundred. Man has destroyed the forests on which they depend. The hunting of gorillas becoming common therefore the future of gorilla is in danger.

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