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1.            The density of Phosphorous Gas is 1.26gram/lr at 50°C and 747mm Hg. Assume that Phosphene behave ideally, calculate the molecular mass.

2.            Gaseous diffusion of Uranium Hexaflouride UF6 is used to separate the isotopes 235UF6 and 238U6. Calculate the enrichment factor.

(Enrichment factor = the ratio of diffusion rates of the gasses)

3.            Prepare, C3HO reacts with oxygen to form CO2 and H2O. If 1 dm3 of Propane at 21°C and 8.44. atm is burnt in excess of oxygen, how many dm3 of CO2 measured at 925°C and 1 atm.

4.            Calculate the partial pressure of each component and the total pressure of a mixture of 2.75 mol of CO2 and 1.62 mol of O2 in a 5 liter cylinder at 302K.

5. What pressure is needed at 298 K to maintain 1 mol of CO2 in a volume of

(i) 1 L (ii) 0.05 L

6. A 100cm3 gas, cylinder filled with chlorine under 160 torr is connected by stopcock with another cylinder of 400cm3 filled with nitrogen under pressure of 200 torr. What will be the total pressure when sto-cock is opened?

7. 380m1 og hydrogen gas was collected over water at 23°C and 613 torr, find the volume of dry hydrogen gas at STP.

(vapour pressure of water at 23°C = 21 torr)

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