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Q1.  What Does AKHUND means?
Ans. Akhund is a sindhi word for a teacher.

Q2.   How does a teacher fulfill God’s Command?
Ans. A teacher fulfils God command by reading God’s word written on the human heart,
the holy book or in nature.

Q3.   Why is fish important for us?
Ans. Fish is important for us because it is a great source of our food.

Q4.   What are the different modes of fishing?
Ans. The two different modes of fishing are inland fresh water fishing and sea or marine fishing water is done from rivers, streams, lakes, canals, and ponds while maring fishing
is done in deep waters.

Q5.   Why do people like fresh water fish?
Ans. People like fresh water fish because it is more tasty then the marine fish.

Q6.   Where is marine fishing dame in Pakistan?
Ans. Marine fishing in Pakistan is done in Arabian Sea along the coast.

Q7.   What are the dangers of marine fishing?
Ans. The dangers of marine fishing is the weather which through without any warning . These boats are then left at the mercy of storms against they become helpless.

Q8.   What are the qualities of a good teacher?

Ans. A Good teacher is the one who has the following qualities in him. A teacher loves appreciates his profession. Thirst for knowledge is another quality of a teacher. The strikes to know what is true, good and beautiful and makes them part of his life.

Q9.   What steps are taken by the government to improve the fish industry?
Ans. Fish industry is very important industry for Pakistan. It is a source of foreign
exchange for our country. The government of Pakistan is taking various steps for improving the fish industry. Fishermen are given loans to buy bigger and better boats. Fishing nets of goods quality are being made available at low prices. Wheater stations have been built to warn the fishing boats of storms. A fishing training institute has also been established.

Q10. Why wheater stations have been built along the cost?
Ans. Wheater stations have been built along the cost and on off share inland to warn the fishing boats of storms.

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