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Q. 1.    Where and when was she born?

Ans:     Helen Keller was born in 1880 in a little town in America.

Q. 2.    How old was Helen when she fell ill?

Ans:     Helen was two years old when she fell ill and she became blind and deaf.

Q. 3.    Who was Miss Sullivan? How did she teach her?

Ans:     Miss Sullivan was Helen’s teacher. She would take Helen to the river bank and put her hand in the water. Slowly she made her write word “w-a-t-e-r”. Thus she taught her many words.

Q. 4.    How did Helen learn to speak?

An        Helen’s teacher would put Helen’s hand on her own lips and let her feel the movement of the lips at the time of speaking. Helen did many exercises like this and at last at the age of ten she was able to speak again.

Q. 5.    When did she visit Pakistan and why?

Ans:     Helen visited Pakistan in 1956. She came to Pakistan to help the blind and deaf.

Q. 6.    Why do you think that Helen Keller is a wonderful lady?

Ans:     Helen Keller is a wonderful lady because she devoted her life for the betterment of blind and deaf.

2.         Write in ten lines what you know about Helen Keller? / Short Note:

Helen Keller was born in 1880 in a little town in America. When she was two she fell dangerously ill. She became blind and deaf. At the age of seven her father asked a lady named Miss Sullivan to look after Helen. Miss Sullivan taught her about many things. Then she was sent to a shool for blind and deaf where she was taught speaking and reading books. She passed this level successfully. She went to college then to Harvard University and graduated without difficulty. Helen visited Pakistan in 1956. She came to Pakistan to help the blind and deaf children. She visited the school for Blind, Deaf and Dumb in Karachi. She encouraged the students and admired the teachers.

3.  What was her message to the blind and deaf children?

She said to the students of the school,” My dear sons and daughters! Always be happy and cheerful. Never curse your fate. You can do everything in this world”.

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