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Q. 1.    What was the poet doing?

Ans:     He was walking aimlessly in the valley.

Q. 2.    What did he see?

Ans:     He saw a host of the Daffodils.

Q. 3.    Where were the daffodils?

Ans:     He saw the daffodils beside the lake, under the trees.

Q. 4.    With what does the poet compare the daffodils?

Ans:     The poet compares the daffodils with the shining and twinkling stars.

Q. 5.    What resemblance does he find between the stars and the daffodils?

Ans:     The poet finds the resemblance between the stars in this way, as the stars are spread on the Milky Way. Similarly the daffodils are along with the bank of the lake in never ending line.

Q. 6.    How many flowers were there?

Ans:    There were about Ten thousand flowers.

Q. 7.    Which of the two danced more: the waves or the daffodils?

Ans:     The daffodils danced more than the waves.

Q. 8.    What did the poet feel looking at the daffodils?

Ans:     The poet felt great joy looking at the daffodils.

Q. 9.    How can wealth come to the poet by looking at the scene before him?

Ans:     The beautiful sight of the daffodils brought a great wealth of delight to the poet and he remembered this lovely scene in his mind forever.

Q. 10.  What happens to the poet when he lies on his couch?

Ans:     When the poet often lies on the couch in leisure time or in the serious mood the beautiful sight of the daffodils recall the poet and his heart fills with the pleasure and starts to dance with the daffodils.

Q. 11.  How can the heart dance?

Ans:     When the poet remembers the beautiful sight of the daffodils and it fills the heart of the poet with pleasure and it starts to dance with the dancing daffodils.

2.         Summary

This poem is written by the William Words Worth. One day the poet was walking aimlessly in the valley. He saw a large number of the daffodils under the trees beside the lake.

The flowers were tossing their heads in the breeze as if they were dancing in happiness. The daffodils looked as beautiful as the stars in the galaxy. The poet compared the waves with the daffodils and he guessed that daffodils were happier than the waves. The poet was very impressed by the show. This show brought to him a great gift of pleasure. This scene depicted in his mind forever. When the poet would lie on the couch in leisure time or in a serious mood, that lovely sight of flowers would come before his eyes and his heart was then filled with joy and pleasure.

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