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The Tripods had been ruled over the earth for more than hundred years. They governed simply and effectively by dominating the minds of men. They capped everyone at the age of fourteen. The caps used by the tripods were meshes of silvery metal fitted over the skull and woven into the flesh of their wears. The capping of child took place at the age of adulthood with a ceremony. they considered it a routing thing.

The story of tripods has been described and explained in detail by the boy who belonged to the tripods in the languages. He was doubtful about the process of capping, when the capping ceremony was being held with his cousin Jack, he became anxious about his own capping ceremony which was being held done the following years after the ceremony of his cousin.

When Ozymandias came to his village, he told the boy a strange story about the tripods. He said that tripods were not the well-wishers of man in fact they were enemies. They ruled over whole planet of earth. Very few people survived on earth found in few places. He also told the boy that he knew such a free man who lived in White Mountains. He asked the boy to join the group who dislike capped men and women. He invited the boy to join him in the journey towards south. Boy’s cousin also went with him. Once they fought with a tripod and killed him with a weapon. After the long journey they reached the White Mountains.


  • Subdue —————- to conquer
  • Defy ——————- disobey
  • Recruit —————- people to work
  • Antagonist ———— rival
  • Oppressor ————- unjust ruler / disorders
  • Harness ————— (to a cart) attach a horse
  • Vagrant ————— tramp
  • Dominate ————– to be obvious to rule
  • Feast ——————– large meal


Q.1 What is one of the changes in behavior mentioned in the passage, that show one is becoming an adult?

Ans. One ceased to be a child and began to think for oneself show one is becoming an adult. It usually occurred at the age of fourteen.

Q.2 Why did no one ever raise the question of whether capping was right or wrong?

Ans. No one ever queried the rightness of capping because for them it was an expected and looked for thing accompanied with feasting and celebration.

Q.3 How did the tripods dominate the human mind?

Ans. For brain washing the human beings and dominating on their minds the tripods used special type of mashes of silvery metal filled in caps which were closely fixed around the skulls and they were woven into the flesh of the humans. All the boys and girls when attained the age of fourteen years were compulsorily capped and even such a thing was attended by large number of friends and relatives by feasting and celebrations.

Q.4 In the world ruled over by the Tripods what kinds of people were called vagrants and how they behaved?

Ans. Due to some technical defects in capping process some of the people could not by controlled by telepathy. Their mind refused to accept the conditions of the Tripods. They traveled from place to place. They did not remain in one place for a long time. They never looked after by the tripods and even capped human beings also disliked them. These vagrants were building anti-tripods thinking among the capped people so that to over through the tripods.

Q.5 What do you know about Ozymandias the vagrant?

Ans. Ozymandias was a big, a red haired bearded man. He was a romantic man interested in poetry and singing songs. He was not very intelligent and could not differentiate between sense and non-sense. In true sense he was posing as vagrant so that he could freely travel through the land without being challenged. He wore a bogus cap to cheat the people and the tripods. He openly told the people that tripods were enemies of human beings and they were Alien invaders and not all benefactors of human beings.

Q.6 What had probably caused the ruin of great cities?

Ans. Some natural calamity such as earth quakes, floods or epidemics caused the ruin of the great cities or they were destroyed in war.

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