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Q1.   Why did akhter not answer his mother?
Ans. Akhter did not answer his mother he was cross that they had to work like servants and hardness in his school in which they celebrated.

Q2.   What did Mr.Inayat tell the children?
Ans. Mr.Inayat told interesting stories as he had visited many parts of the world.

Q3.   What reason did Akhter give his uncle for being cross?
Ans. Akhter told his uncle that he was asked the dirty cupboards and the desk like servants.

Q4.   What did the teacher do himself?
Ans. The teacher swept the room and emptied the dustbin and the headmaster had cleaned the bathroom.

Q5.   What did the holy prophet (P.B.U.H) love?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) loved working by his own hands. She swept his house, mended and washed his clothes repaired his shows.

Q6.   What did Hazrat Abu Bakr do?
Ans. Hazrat Abu Bakr not only did his work but also fetched water for his neighbors and windows who were very old and had no one  to work for them.

Q7.   What did Hazrat Fatima do?
Ans. Hazrat Fatima fetched water, ground corn and swept the house by her self.

Q8.   How did Sultan Nasir-ud-din earn his living?
Ans. Sultan Nasir-ud-din did not take any thing from royal treasury. He earned his living by making caps.

Q9.   What does everyone in china?
Ans. Everyone in china has to spend some time working in the fields or in a factory even the prime minster and his wife had to work as the have realized the dignity of work and that’s why they are making such quick progress in the world.

Q10.  What examples were set by the family members of our holy prophet for the dignity of work?
Ans.  From the members of our Holy prophet Hazrat Ali labored in a garden of a Jew and gave away his wages in charity Hazrat Fatima fetched water, ground corn and swapped the house.

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