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Bill and Mary had been in love many years ago. They spent many nights walking and talking together. However, they got angry at each other on a trifle. Impulsively, she had married a man she though she loved. Bill went away, bitter about women.

Bill became a lawyer and worked with a nice firm in downtown. He also got married to a girl. After several years had passed, they ran across each other under the trees of Washington square. It was Marry who saw him and called by name. Bill did not recognize her at first sight. She looked old. Anyway, he came to recognize her. Unconsciously she lifted her face as though wanting a kiss, but Bill restricted himself to shaking hands with Mary.

They asked about each other families. Bill told that he was a lawyer and had two children. Marry told him that she was working in Bursar’s office and she had three kinds. Both of them invited each other to their homes. It was early autumn; the leaves were falling from the trees without wind. They did not have much time talking to each other. Mary bus came and she got on it. She wanted to tell Bill something but she could not. The bus went off. They even could not tell each other their addresses. Mary could not even tell Bill that her youngest son was name Bill.


  • Impulsively ——————— without thinking
  • Bitter ————————– not sweet
  • Bursar ————————– person in charge of Finance of an school/college
  • Desperately ——————— urgently
  • Grin —————————- to smile, wide smile
  • Mist —————————- thin fog
  • Avenue ————————– wide, tree-line road in a city
  • Utter ————————— to say
  • Shriek ————————– scream sound
  • Recognize ———————– identify as already known
  • Trifle ————————– thing of slight value or importance
  • Offend ————————– cause offense to, upset


Q.1 Why did Mary and Bill not marry when they were young?

Ans. Although Mary and Bill were in love with each. They offended by something unimportant. They stopped talking to each other and got away from each others life. Thus they could not marry each other when they were young.

Q.2 What effect did this youthful breakup have on each of them?

Ans. Bill went away feeling bitter about woman. Mary impulsively got married with a man. Bill settled as lawyer and married some girl. Bill did not seem to have had effects as he forgot his affair with Mary soon. However, Mary seemed to have regretted for the break-up between them. She looked old and unhappy. She did not sy anything about her husband while Bill mentioned his wife’s name too.

Q.3 Did marry and Bill show-similar emotions when they met after several years?

Ans. Mary seemed more emotional than Bill. It was Mary who spotted Bill and Mary thought that Bill would kiss her because they had been in love with each other in the past. Bill only restricted himself to shaking hands with Mary. Even Mary wanted to tell Bill something but she did not have time or courage to do so. Bill was calm and composed and showed no strong emotion.

Q.4 What might Mary want to Bill which she was unable to express?

Ans. I think Mary wanted to tell bill that she really regretted missing Bill. She did not look happy with her marriage. The person to whom she married did not love her much. She looked old and disturbed. She did not her husband’s name or his profession.

Q.5 Make one question from this story for class discussion?

Ans. One question from the story comes to mind. The question is “Are love marriages more successful?” students might make points for or against. Some people think love marriages are mostly failures. Other thinks they are very successful. No hard and fast rule can be made. It all depends on husbands and wives whether they have good understanding and tolerance of each other or not. Love after marriage is more important than love before marriage.

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