Character of Rudolf Rassendyll and Rudolf Elphberg

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Q2:         Compare and contrast the character of Rudolf Rassendyll and Rudolf Elphberg?

Ans:     The two Rudolf (Rassendyll and Elphberg) opposed to each other. In appearance, they resemble each other and one is easily mistaken for the other. However, they are different from each other in behavior and mental aptitude. They are indirectly related and this is the reason why Rudolf Rassendyll, though an Englishman, inherits the red hair and the sharp nose from the Elphberg.

Different Approach: 

In their approach to life and its problems one is different from the other. Rudolf Elphberg, like most young princess, is fond of pleasure and somewhat careless, while Rudolf Rassendyll is a true Englishman. He is quite by nature brave and straightforward in his dealings with others. Like Rudolf Elphberg, he too is openhearted in his dealings and is a gentle and reliable friend. His help to the King’s party proves extremely valuable and without him, the King would have lost his throne as well as his life. In fact, he may be said to be the moving spirit behind the plot.


Change in Rassendyll:

Rassendyll is a person who can be safely related upto to do the needful if and when it is required of him. He has great personal courage and like him who has been brought up to, lead a life of luxury and ease can bear all the hardships caused byRumania’s.




  1. An English aristocrat.
  2. Silent and reserved.
  3. Shrewd and straightforward
  4. Very brave and full of a spirit of adventure.
  5. Inspires love in the hearts of his friends.
  6. Has great adaptability
  7. Can make the greatest sacrifice for friend.
  8. Kingship brings out his qualities and proves to he a superman.
  1.  German prince.
  2.  Careless and pleasure seeking.
  3. Straightforward but indiscreet
  4. Neither brave nor adventure
  5. He is liked for his throne rather than for his personal qualities.
  6. Lacks adaptability
  7. Sincere friend but incapable of self-sacrifice.
  8. Imprisonment shows his weakness and proves him to be almost a coward.
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