Chief Export Items of Pakistan

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Chief Export Items of Pakistan

Following are the main items which may be included in our export list:

1.         Cotton:            Cotton ranks at the top of the export list of Pakistan. Pakistan occupies first position in Asia and second position in the world as an exporter of cotton and cotton products. Export of Raw cotton, cotton cloth and cotton yarn together contribute approximately 40 to 42% to the total export earning ofPakistan.Karachiwith the cotton growing hinterland has almost the monopoly of the trade.


a)         Cotton Cloth:   Cotton fabrics are at the top of our export list. We export a large amount of cotton cloth every year. Due to increasing demand, its export has gone higher enough.

Some of the customers of cotton cloth are U.K,U.S,USSR,Hong Kong,Japan,Singapore, W. Germany andSudan.


(b) Cotton Yarn:

It is another important export item of our country. Its export is increasing every year. Important Customers areJapan, U.K, Hong Kong,W.Germany,U.S.A.,Sri Lanka, andBurma.


(c) Raw Cotton:

Pakistangrows surplus amount of best quality long staple American Upland Cotton which is very much demanded all over the world. Our main customers of raw cotton areU.K.,China,Japan,Hong Kong,Belgium,Indonesia,Italy,SingaporeandBangladesh.


2. Rice:

Pakistanhas emerged as one of the leading exporters of rice. In the previous year’s rice was at the top of our export list but due to fluctuation in the world market, its demand has decreased. Best qualities like Basmati and Irri-6 are exported.Pakistanexports rice to almost all theGulf Statesand Middle Eastern, European, East Asian and some African countries.

3. Carpets, Rugs and Mats:

Pakistanearns a large amount of foreign-exchange by exporting very fine quality carpets (both hand and machine made) rugs and mats. Due to heavy competition in world’s market their demand is increasing. an important buyer of Pakistani carpets, rugs and mats. Other customers are mostly European countries includingFrance^U.K.,Italy,Switzerland,W.Germany,Belgiumetc.


4. Fish and Fish Preparations:

Fish is exported, fresh, canned and dried. Shrimps are exported toJapanandU.S.A.canned fish finds its market mostly in W.Europe. Middle Eastern and South Asian countries (especiallySri Lanka) are also important customers of Pakistani fish and fish preparation.


5. Leather and Hides:

Pakistanproduces hides and skin worth approximately 2 crore every year of which 40 % are exported. Now, because of leather industries in our country export of hides and skin is increased.Italy,Spain,Japan,France,China,Romania, W.Germany etc. are important markets in this regard.

6. Synthetic Textile Products:

Pakistani Synthetic Textile Products are popular in various foreign countries. These are mainly exported to Middle Eastern, African and South American countries.


7. Petroleum Products:

There are 3 oil refineries inPakistanwhere crude petroleum is imported and a number of petroleum products are being produced. Some of the surplus products are exported toIndia,Turkey,Sri Lanka, Singapore etc.


Pakistanhas a worthy name in exporting sports goods to more than 10.0 countries, principally toW.Germany,U.K.,Italy,U.S.A., France etc.


9. Surgical Instruments:

Pakistanis also exporting surgical equipments toChina,Japan,AmericaandCanada.

Besides the above mentioned items.Pakistanexport items like raw wool, Tobacco, Fruits, Vegetables etc to various countries.


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