Criticism of the Robbins Definition

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Robin’s definition also faces criticism from many economists. Some of the criticizing point’s areas follow:

1. Economics as a Positive Science:

According to Robins, economics discovers only the facts that give rise to certain problems and does not give suggestions as to how to deal with human behavior that varies from man to man and from time to time. So it is not a physical science, which deals with matter and energy and remains unchanged at any place. Economics is therefore not a physical science. It discovers both causes / efforts and suggestions.

2. Human Touch Missing:

In Robbins definition the human touch is entirely missing. It does not take in to account the systematic thinking, human sympathy, imagination and the variety of human life.

3. Abstract and Complex:

Robbins has made economics more abstract and complex and hence difficult. This distracts from its utility for the common man. Utilities of economics lie in being a concrete and realistic study.

4. Macro Concept:

Another criticism on Robbins definition is that it ignores the macro aspect. It has ignored the issues like employment, national income from its boundaries.

5. Does not Covers Economics of Growth:

The economic growth theory or economic development theory has been overlooked in Robbins definition. Economics of growth explains how an economy grows and the factors, which bring about an increase in national income and productivity of the economy. Robbins takes the resources as given and discusses only their allocation.

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