Q.1. Define Production Management. Explain production planning and control. Discuss briefly the various techniques of production control.

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Q.1. Define Production Management. Explain production planning and control. Discuss briefly the various techniques of production control.


What is Production Management? Discuss the functions of production, planning and control.


Define Production, Planning and Control. What are its main steps or elements? Discuss in brief.


What are Production, Planning and Control? What are its objects and advantages? Outline the requirement of effective production control system.

Definition of Production Management

In modern competitive world, if an enterprise and master its production and marketing, it will be able to acquire and maintain a considerable market share.
Production may be define as the conversation of the raw material into finished goods are services through transforming process for purposes of supplying them into the market. Thus, it is process of creation of goods and services. The terms “production and manufacturing” are generally used as synonyms. Production activities are vital for the survival, growth and development of every enterprise.

Production to be successful has to be managed. Hence production management assumed great importance in every organization.

Some important definition of production management may be given as follows:

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Production management deals with decision-making related to production process so that the resulting goods and services are produced according to the specifications in the amounts and by the schedule demanded and at minimum cost.


Production management is the process of planning and regulating the operations of that part of enterprise which is responsible for actual transformation of materials into finished products.

Major Activities of Production Management

Production management deals with manpower and physical resources and facilities for transforming inputs into outputs. Production Management involves three major activities or functions:

1. Planning of Production Inputs

It includes determining of necessary inputs including raw materials, labor, electrical power, machines and equipments, facilities etc., required for production work.

2. Installation of the Necessary Inputs

It includes taking decisions with regard to designing of the plant, choice of the best machines and arrangement of other necessary facilities so that the production work can be started.

3. Co-Ordination and Control of the Production Process

An effective production system involves co-ordination among the various activities and affairs within the production department itself and also integration of its activities and decisions with other departments of the enterprise, such as finance, marketing, purchases, personnel, according and research and development. It also includes determining the necessary sequence of operations, preparing work schedules and assigning work to specific employees, so as to ensure smooth production operations. Control includes ensuring that the actual production performance meets the predetermined production plans and goals and also providing for proper feedback for taking corrective action.

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