Determination of Absolute Potential Energy

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Absolute Potential Energy

In gravitational field, absolute potential energy of a body at a point is defined as the amount of work done in moving it from that point to a point where the gravitational field is zero.
Determination of Absolute Potential Energy

Consider a body of mass ‘m’ which is lifted from point 1 to point N in the gravitational field. The distance between 1 and N is so large that the value of g is not constant between the two points. Hence to calculate the work done against the force of gravity, the simple formula W = F .d cannot be applied.

Therefore, in order to calculate work done from 1 to N, we divide the entire displacement into a large number of small displacement intervals of equal length Δr. The interval Δr is taken so small that the value of g remains constant during this interval.

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Now we calculate the work done in moving the body from point 1 to point 2. For this work the value of constant force F may be taken as the average of the forces acting at the ends of interval Δr. At point 1 force is F1 and at point 2, force is F2.

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