“Earthquake, 8th October 2005”

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A dangerous earthquake was appeared on October 8’ 2005 in the Northern areas of Pakistan.

Earthquake usually originates from sudden adjustments in the crust of the earth notably by movement long faults or as a result of volcanic activity. The degree of magnitude of earthquake is usually measured on the Richter scale. The shock of the earthquake was felt at 8:50 early in the morning. The news about the earthquake was received by the destruction ofMargalaTowersinIslamabad. The Intensity of this earthquake was 7.6 on Richter scale. The centre of the earthquake was ten kilo metres away from Muzaffarabad.

The area from 28000 to 30000 kilometers was badly affected in the result of this earthquake. “Muzaffarabad was completely destroyed. Azad Jumo Kashmir, Bagn, Rawla Kot, Punch, Garhi Habi Bullah and the districts of N.W.F.P Mansehra, Batgram and Balakot were also affected by destruction of the Earth Quake.


This earthquake was appeared, in those areas where the houses are commonly one storyed or, two storyed and they are constructed with the help of clay, wood ‘and Stones however some building in cities have been constructed with concrete but all theses houses and building have no capability to resist against earthquake shocking waves, therefore they all became destroyed completely. This disaster came at 4.hat time when the process of giving education in different schools was in progress. According to fact and figures nearly about eighteen thousands students were killed in the result of this earthquake. This earthquake was appeared due to those geographical factors which were so severe that the shocks were recorded In the region as more than .1266 from October 8 to December 14 2005. The intensity of some after shocks was 6.7 on Richter scale, According to a survey report, the houses, educational institutions, hospitals, government offices and roads which were located in die area of twenty eight thousand kilometers 90% destroyed completely. Fifteen tehsils of the province N.W.F.P were completely disappeared from the earth. Collective five million and seventy thousands families were affected in the result of this dangerous earth quake in Rawala Kot, Muzaffarabad, Batram and Balakoi One million children were badly affected.


The after shocks of the earthquake of 8th October were also felt in Baluchistan and Punjabalso. Eight people were killed in Muree and its surrounding areas. Twelve people were injured in Lahoreby falling a three-storyed building. After shocks were also felt in Faisalabad Mulian, Khusab, Pakpatan. Thang, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Kasoor, Sargodha. Okara, Sahiwal, Toba Tek singh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Narowal and Bahawalpuralso. It was announced the severe loss was appeared in Mansehra. Shangal, Balakot, Muziffaiabad, Bagh and Rawala Kot. One thousand soldiers were injured and six hundred houses were destroyed in

Kashmir. The highway which goes to Muzaffarabad toSrinagarwas completely blocked. This was the worst earthquake in the history of Pakistan and it is counted as the fourth biggest earthquake in the world.

When the informations about the earthquake were received in different areas ofPakistan. The political and social organizations started their activities to help the victims of the earthquakes. The government and army started their activities at once to help the people who were affected in the result of this earthquake. Many relief camps were established by political, Social, Official and non-official organization. Besides this individually people, doctors and social workers were moved towards the affected areas and they took part in relief activities with the soldiers ofPakistanarmy. The relief goods were started to supply by trucks and aeroplanes from different parts of the country towards the affected areas from October 9 2005. The president ofPakistanestablished a relief fund for quake-victim. On the second day after the earthquake teams with necessary equipments reached on the areas fromChinaandJapan. They started their work and saved the lives of the people which were under the broken parts of houses and building. The prime Minister ofPakistanMr. Shaukat Aziz took a view of the affected areas in aeroplane for one and half hour.Pakistanarmy started relief activities at once by using helicopters. National Highway authority also started to repair the broken roads. All the stations of electricity, telephone, gas and sewerage lines in the affected areas had been destroyed completely, in some villages all the families had been killed completely. In N.W.F.P the Governor, Chief Minister and Inspector general of Police were busy in relief activities in Abotabad. The president of Americal ordered to send a team of experts with relief goods for the victims of earthquake inPakistan. Blanket3, tents, clothes, medicines and other things with food were sent to the affected areas time to time from different parts of the country. Many of the villages were disappeared completely. Many cities were became a heap of shoes and clay. One million peoples were killed in the result of this dangerous ‘earthquake, Thousands of people were badly injured, and became disabled.

After the incident of 8th October all the political, social and religious organization works together in doing relief activities for the victims. They worked without any differences. The people who belong to the different fields like doctors, engineers, bankers, traders, actors, students and other also participate in relief activities. Those who were able to go towards the affected areas started at once with relief goods and those who were not able to go them helped their brothers, sisters, daughters and sons by providing money and other things. This was a brilliant scene of unity of the peoplePakistan. This event where it made great distinction it also proved that the people ofPakistanare united to face any problem.

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