Factors that form social/culture environment?

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Q3-What are the factors that form social/culture environment?


Sociologists define culture as “ The acquired knowledge that people use to interpret experience and generate social behavior” .

This environment composed of population and its composition, women as a working force, religion and belief, non religious belief, and pluralism


The social/ culture environment has the following factor.

  • Income
  • Population
  • Religion and belief
  • Non religious belief
  • Women as a working force
  • Pluralism
  • Cultural habits. Customs and fashion
  • Clothing
  • Food


People’s income is of great significance to business organization. Its study helps them decide about quality, design, price, advertising and distribution. If the customer grouped income wise as follows the job of manufacturer and marketing personnel will become easy

  • High income group
  • Middle income group
  • Low income group


Pollution is fast increasing in the third world, while in the developed countries and Middle East it is static. Most Asian countries are over populated.

Religion and Belief:

All over the world, especially in poor and third world countries, religion plays an important role and is the pillar of a culture. In Muslim countries eating pork and non kosher meat and drinking liquor is strictly prohibited. Their business in Muslim country will fail.

Non Religious Belief:

There are beliefs which are non religious and have a great impact on style of living. Marriage festivities, superstitious practices, charity, some of the funeral beliefs and lots of other have a strong bearings on marketing and business.

Women As Working Force:

After World War II women began working shoulder to shoulder with men in offices and factories. In South Asia female agricultural labor can be traced back as far as hundreds of years. Even Muslims countries now have a great number of working women.


Humans always depend on each other. They can not live a life all alone. They are social animals and live in families, societies, tribes. Nations are the result of pluralism. In business they need association like chamber of commerce, labor, unions, medical associations, bar associations etc.


Clothing is integral part of culture. In a certain culture there are several elements that determine type, style and quality of clothing. They include income, sex, climate, religion and so on. Many clothes have been adopted the world over that include trousers, shirts, coats, jackets, overcoats etc


A culture reflect type and style of food people eat. Income and weather also affect the type of food people eat. Some foreign foods are getting popular in Western and Eastern countries. They are Chinese dishes, KFC, and Mc Donald’s fast food.

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