Functions and responsibilities of directors

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Q.18 Discuss the functions and responsibilities of directors?



The duties and function of the directors are determined in articles of association. The function of the directors depends upon the nature of business. Generally directors perform the following functions:


1. According the ordinance to manage the annual meeting.

2. Basic directors of the company should call the constitutional meeting and should submit the constitutional report.

3. It is the duty of the directors that they should prevent the misuse of capital.

4. The directors are personally liable for the breach of trust imposed on them by the company

5. The directors are personally Liable for the payment of dividend and capital.

6. They should look after and frame the policies for business.

7. They should submit the various reports to registrar.

8. In case of fraud criminal liability is also imposed on the directors.



The directors of the company can exercise the following power on the behalf of the company by passing resolution.

1. To issue shares.

2. To make loans.

3. To invest the funds.

4. To Issue debentures.

5. To make call of money unpaid on shares.

6. To approve the bonus to employees.

7. To pay govt. expenditure.

8. To determine dividend.

9. To fill the vacant seats of directors

10. To borrow.

11. To incur capital expenditure exceeding Rs. 25 thousand on any single term, or to dispose of a fixed asset of the value exceeding Rs. 10 Thousand.

12. To contract on the behalf of the company. Small group or coop classes: each teacher is required to have his or her own.

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