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A business report has the following functions, uses or advantages.

  • Better Understanding:

It provides a better understanding of the problems.

  • Measure progress:

It measures progress; it reviews the progress of a project or programs of a company. It explains how far a company has achieved its objectives and goods.

  • Facts and valuable data:

It provides facts and valuable data. Before reports are prepared necessary and relevant information is gathered from reliable primary and secondary sources.

  • Sound decision making:

Management uses reports for sound decision making.

  • Better position:

Management finds itself in a batter position to redesign polices, programs, and procedures.

  • Control device:

Management can learn its fault in relation to employees, production, marketing, and finance. Therefore, the report acts as a control device.

  • Common interest:

It is useful for common interest. Reports provide information and technical and professional knowledge. They help in developing new theories, discoveries, and methods.

  • Valuable material:

Reports may be used as valuable material for training development, and research.

  • Suggest remedies:

Reports not only define and analyze the problem but they suggest remedies to it. They may contain one or a set of alternative courses of actions. The reader may select the best from among them.

  • Suggests the reader:

It suggests the reader to adapt himself to the tune of time and situation, and take actions accordingly.

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