Hero of the Novel The Prisoner of Zenda

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Q1.         Which character in this novel do you like most and why?    Or Who is the hero of this novel? Write out his character sketch.

Ans:     The noblest and most important character in the Prisoner of  Zenda is Rudolf Rassendyll. He occupies our attention most of the time that we happen to be reading the story. He is the hero of the plot and compared with him even king, Rudolf Elphberg, appears to be of lesser importance. No other character in the novel can challenge comparison with him, not even Countess Flavia, the heroine, because she is not a full-fledged character and is only partially drawn.

Heroic Qualities:  

Rudof Rassendyll makes a deep and lasting impression upon all those who come into contact with him. Sapt Fritz, the Marshal and the Chancellor are all impressed  by the integrity of his character and truthfulness of his dealings with others. He is a great man and is blessed with all those attributes that go to make a hero. He is brave and reliable and stands by his friends in their hour of need. It is nothing but selfless sacrifice on his parts that he jeopardizes. His own life in order to save the life of the king and restore to him / his throne and his crown. We rarely meet such person in life.


Love for adventure:

It is by chance that he has come to Streau and meet the King. Personally he has no interest in the political affairs of Puritania. He is foreigner, as an Englishman, who had come to Runtania on a sightseeing expedition. It is regard for the promise made that urges him to bear all the hardships. There is no doubt about the fact that he is by nature an adventures, man and as such the desire to participate in sensational events is / here in his heart. This desire has been the cause of his playing the leading role. This urge to participate in adventures is further strengthened by his desire to help Rudolf Elphberg, the King, who is being unjustly deprived of the throne.


Great Qualities:  

Rudolf Elphberg was the heir to the throne, and the people of Ruritania and great love and regard for him because of their association with the house of Elphberg for a long period. However, the love and respect, which Rudolf Rassendyll succeeded in inspiring in the hearts of the people of country, was stronger and genuine. This is all due to his great qualities. Rassendyll is a superman. He is more efficient than the real King and was far nobler in behavior than the King.

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