Importance of Urdu in National Life

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Certain points which express the importance of Urdu in national life are given below:

1.            Means of Brotherhood and Unity:           People of Pakistan are one nation, therefore their thinking, aims and objectives are common. Their progress and prosperity depends upon their unity and brotherhood. An important factor for achieving this unity and brotherhood is Urdu.

2.            Source of Expression:    Urdu has become a source of expression, feeling thoughts and aspiration. People of two different areas can easily understood each other ideas and thoughts by Urdu.


3.            Means of Communication and Co-ordination:   Urdu serves as a means of communication and is a binding force between all the four provinces of Pakistan. People of Pakistan realize that in spite of speaking different languages, they are joined together by one national language, which is the heritage of all.


4.            Medium of Instruction:                                Urdu language is the medium of instruction in most of the educational institutions of Pakistan. History, Islamic Studies, Political Science and other subjects are taught upto MA level in Urdu. Lectures on Islamic education and religion are also delivered in Urdu throughout Pakistan.

Urdu – An Important Part of Our Cultural Heritage

Urdu grew in popularity and by the later Mughal Period and the advent of the British; it had been adopted by the Muslims and the Hindus alike. It would not be wrong to say if it is said that: “Urdu is a part of our cultural Heritage.”



Being the national language of the country, it is the binding force in different parts of Pakistan. The officers have adopted Urdu language in their official work and the Government has published a dictionary containing Urdu terms for the office work.

The Urdu Development Board and “Anjuman-e-Taraqi-e-Urdu” are trying to give Urdu a place in society and it is hope that Urdu would find its place in society within short period of time.

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