Interesting Incident Of The Novel The Prisoner of Zenda

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Q.3:      Which incident in this novel appears most interesting to you and why?

Ans:     The most stirring incident in this novel is what the novelist calls the forcing of the trap. It depicts to the reader the daring attempt made by Rassendyll, Sapt, Fritz and their party to rescue the King from the castle of Zenda where the Duke of Strelsau kept him a close prisoner. Hard work was required to free the King from the clutches of the Duke, who was bent upon getting the throne, even if it necessitated the murder of the King.

Sapt and Fritz, who were staunch supporters of the King, were determined to free him; but this was possible only if bold steps were taken to achieve the purpose.


Secrecy Preferred:  

There were two alternatives for them. They could launch a direct attack on the castle and openly declare war against the Duke and free the King by using the armed forces. This was a risky step because it would have given publicity to what they did. They wanted to keep whole enterprise a secret and this forced them to use a small band of friends who could be expected to keep the secret. Thus, the whole procedure depended upon the bravery and courage of the small number man who actively participated in it. The crossing of the moat and finally the entry into the castle were difficult. In this enterprise, Rudolf Rassendyll without whom the King’s party would have suffered a sure defeat played the most important part.

Inside the castle were the six servants of Duke Michael. They were his trusted friends and helpers it was no easy task to fight these daredevils and great credit goes to Rassendyll that he not only fought against them but also defeated them. Thus, he saved the life of the King and restored to him the throne of Ruritania.


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