Inventions that have Changed People’s live in the 20th Century

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Man, as animal, is much weaker then many other. He has not strength of the elephant, nor the speed of the horse. But he has a mind such as no other animal has and it is by his superior intelligence that he has learnt to catch and tame and use for his own ends such great natural forces as wind, water, fire, steam and electricity. He has harnessed these powers as his servants.

Long ago, by the clever invention of sails, he used the winds to carry him in the ships across the sea. By means ofSindmills, he forced the wind, too, to grind his corn, raise water by pumps and drain wet land.


Science has changed and re cast the very nature and pattern of our daily life. Modern inventions of science serve us as much when we work, as when we sleep us largely at home and abroad. Thus modern life has become a life planned, shaped, adorned and finished in a science laboratory. When a man is at home, modern inventions heat the chilly winter and cool the sultry summer accordingly as he wishes. When he goes out modern inventions provide him swiftest vehicle to travel with speed and comfort. When he is in his office, factory; farm or any other place. Modern inventions follow him like a faithful dog and provide all the services that he may need. When it is night, modern invention light up the streets and homes for convenience. They also supply him the purest water to drink and every kind of beverage, hot or cold according to he chooses. Inventions bring him the morning news piper, the midday entertainment over the Television, Cable TV Networking and internet.

Inventions have also shown us how we can save time and labour. At home inventions do our cooking, washing preserving and even cleaning inventions save our time and money particularly in these days of self help. In offices inventions of science have given u typewriter, the computing machine, the Dictaphone, the duplicator, the telephone, computer, and hundreds of other labour serving machines. These mechanical devices save our time and give us more leisure to enjoy but also without their assistance the gigantic volume of work required to keep pace with the tempo of fast moving life of the day could never be performed in fear.

In the last we can say that inventions have made the lives of the people changed and producing many comports are the miracles and wonders of science and they are computers, fax machines, mechanical devices, mobile phones, robots, fast moving vehicles, ships, aircraft and many others. These inventions have been made a part of daily life of every person.

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