Islamic concepts about origin of life

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We have got much information about origin of life by studying the Holy Quran.

Ultimate Creator:

The first thing learnt from teachings of Quran is that Allah is the ultimate creator of everything whether plants, animals or non-living things.

“Allah is the creator of all things and He is Guardian of overall things.” – (Surah Zamar-Ayat 62)

Not only plants, animals and non-living things and human beings but also the heavens and whole universe have been created by Allah.

Origin of Life from Water:

The second important fact we get from Quran is that Allah has created all living thins from water.

“We made every thing from water.” – (Sura Ambia – Ayat 30)

Viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, different plants, all animals and humans are all living things. According to Quranic verses, all diverse living things were created from water.

Common Origin:

From above mentioned sayings of God there is an indication for common origin of living things or we can at least say that all living things have come out from water.

Creation of Man:

Allah also sys in Quran:

“He created man from clay like the potter’s.” – (Sura Rehman – Ayat 14)

It seems that there were following two sages for creation of man:

1. Creation from water.

2. The first created thing, on admixing with clay was transformed into more advanced beings.

The same can also be applied to other animals because there are certain similarities between structure of man and other animals. In vertebrate animals, the structures of digestive system, respiratory system, blood circulatory system, excretory system and reproductive system etc are similar to great extent, although differ in other details. Reproduction in living things.

Once the life had been created, Allah implemented the process of reproduction for the continuity of races of animals and other organisms. The various stages of reproduction have been described in sura in following way:

“Then fashioned we drop a clot, then fashioned we clot a little lump, then fashioned we the lump bones, then clothed the bones with flesh.” – (Sura Almominoon Ayat 14)

Classification and Evolution:

“Allah has created every animal from water some of them creep up on their bellies, other walk on two legs, and others on four, Allah creates what the pleases. He has power overall thins.” – (Sura Nur Ayat 45)


“Hath there come upon man (every) any period of time in which he was a thing unrememberd?” – (Sura Dahar Ayat 1)

The close study of above sayings of God reveals that all animals had a common origin but they gradually underwent changes after words and became different from each other i.e. some animals became crawler, some bipedal and some other tetra pods. The present animals are advanced forms of the past animals who achieved this form after passing through many changes.

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