Liabilities of the employer as to compensation payable to the worker under the workmen’s compensation act

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Q-3      What is the liabilities of the employer as to compensation payable to the worker under the workmen’s compensation act?


If person injury is caused to a workman by accident during employment, employer shall be liable to pay compensation. Employer will also be liable to pay compensation to an employee if he is contracting by any diseases mentioned in the provision of law, during the period of employment.



(i)         Section 4 of the compensation Act says, where the adult death results.from the injury wages of the worker failing with in limits shown in the schedule IV will be given to him according the 2nd column.

(ii)        In case of minor four thousand Rs. will be paid.

In the case of a workman whose injury resulted in death and a lump sum compensation is to be paid the amount will be deposited with the Commissioner for being distributed. Any sum, which is paid directly, will not be counted towards its payment. The receipt of the Commission for the deposit will be regarded as the discharge of the payment. (Section 8)


In case of minor ten thousands rupees will be given as compensation:
Where permanent total disablement is caused by the injury in the case of an adult receiving 350 rupees per month or 300 rupees per month, the maximum compensation is 21,000 rupees.


Where permanent partial disablement is caused by the injury the rate of compensation will have to be calculated as given against injuries shown in Schedule I.


Whether total or partial, is caused by the injury, a half monthly payment payable on the sixteenth day after the expiry of four days from the date of disablement and thereafter half-monthly payment during the disableij>ent or during a period of five years which ever period is shorter and the rate is to be calculated from the IV Schedule and in the case of minor one half of his monthly wages subject to the maximum of Rs.75 (Section 4).

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