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Q1. Who was lucky Gray? Where did she live?

Ans. Lucy Gray was a beautiful little girl who lived in a wild moor with her parents. Their house was located in the countryside far away from the cities. Nobody neighbored their houses and Lucy lived without having any friends and playmates.


Q2. What did Lucy’s father ask her to do?

Ans. One-day Lucy’s mother went town for shopping in the noon. After a while, his father realizes that the moon could be seen and predicted a storm in few hours. He quickly told Lucy to take a lantern and go to the town to help her mother. Lucy obeyed her father and was on her way to the city.


Q3. How did she lose her way?

Ans. Unfortunately, the storm appeared as soon as Lucy left for the town. It started to snow thickly that made it difficult for Lucy to see through. As she was wandering in the snowy atmosphere, she felt in a crevice and died.


Q4. What do people think about Lucy Gray after her tragic death?

Ans. Some people, like the poet, William Wordsworth, through that Lucy Gray had not died. The obedient little child had become a part of nature.


Q5. How did Lucy’s parents come to know that she had died?

Ans. When the little girl did not come back, her parents went out in the snowy mountains shouting for their daughter, but they never found Lucy. On their home, they found footprints on a wooden bridge in the middle. They concluded that perhaps Lucy fell down and had died.

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