MA English Punjab University Past Paper-2 Part-1, 2011

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NOTE: Attempt any FOUR questions. ALL questions carry equal marks.

Q1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following passages:

(a) Yea, what remains to see,

Or what to love, or hear,

With any touch or joy?

Lead me away, my friends, with utmost speed,

Lead me away, the foul polluted one,

Of all men most accursed.

Most hateful to the Gods.

(b) Where art thou, Faustus? Wretch, what hast thou done?

Damned art thou Faustus, damned: despair and die!

Hell calls for right, and with a roaring voice

Says “Faustus come! thine hour is almost come!”

And Faustus noe will come to do the right.


(c) Whilst I remember

Her and her virtbes. I cannot forget

My blemishes in them, and so still think of

The wrong I did myself; which was so much,

That heirless it hath made my kingdom and

Destroy’d the sweet’st companion that e’er man

Bred his hopes out of.


(d) Exploded! Was he the victim of a revolutionary outrage? I was not aware that Mr. Bunbury was interested in social legislation. If so, he is well punished for his morbidity.

(e) Here, stand behing this bulk; straight will be come:

Wear thy good rapier bare, and put it home:

Quick, quick; fear nothing; I’ll be at thy elbow:

It makes us, or it mars us; think on that,

And fix most firm thy resolution.

Q2. Does it seem fair for Oedipus to call himself ‘the worst of men”? Why or why not?

Q3. Note the appearance of Helen of Troy Sc. 12. What role does she play in the drama of Faustus’s damnation? What does her presence suggest about Marlowe’s attitudes toward women?

Q4. Explore the character of Desdemona. What does she represent in the play?

Q5. What possible explanation can we provide for Leontes’s sudden onset of jealousy? Has Leontes completely lost his mind, or is there some strange “rationale” at work in Leontes’s mind?

Q6. Using three examples drawn from the play, show how algernon uses Wilde’s aesthetic principles to transform his life into a work of art.

Q7. The Winter’s Tale is classified as a romance but some base said that this classification is misleading. Do you feel the play should be classified as a tragedy and, if so, why?


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