MA Punjab University English Past Paper-4 Part-1, 2011

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NOTE: Attempt any FOUR questions. ALL questions carry equal marks.

Q1. Bacon stands out among English moralists on more counts than one. Elaborate with special reference to his Essays.

Q2. Produce evidence from Gulliver’s Travels’, especially Book IV to prove or disprove that Swift was a misanthrope.

Q3. Russell was opposed to all obscurantism, mysticism and dogmatism. How far has he incorporated this approach is his ‘Unpopular Essays’.


Q4. Can we take ‘Redress of Poetry’ by Heaney as, yet another defense of poetry in the long row of such books, or is it something different, something more elaborate, something more eloquent?


Q5. How powerfully has said presented the case of colonised nations in his ‘An Introduction to Culture and Imperialism’?

Q6. Compare and contrast the prose styles of Bacon and Swift.


Q7. Write a detailed note on 17th century’s prose touching upon those writers who are not included in your course.



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