Multiple choice questions

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Choose any one of the following correct answers:

1. __________ is a category of computer hardware.

(Input, Output, Storage, Processing, all of the above)

2. __________ is an important component of microcomputer system.

(Kilobyte, Microprocessor, Megabyte, Byte, None of the above)

3. __________ is not found in C.P.U.

(ALU, Control Unit, RAM, Processing Register)

4. __________ is a type of impact printers.

(Laser, Thermal, Dot-Matrix, Inkjet)

5. __________ program design technique shows program logic.

(Flow chart, Logical Operation, Computer, None of the above)

6. __________ is used as counter in BASIC programs.

(A = A+1, A<1, A or 1, None of the above)

7. __________ characteristic is applied to the third generation of computers.

(Integrated Circuit, Transistor, Vacuum Tubes, All of the above)

8. The most important characteristic of ROM is __________.

(It performs mathematical calculation, it is volatile, it is non – volatile, None of the above)

9. __________ statement is used to transfer the control of program conditionally.

(GOTO, ON GOTO, END, All of the above)

10. Disk operating system is abbreviated as __________.

(DOS, DS, OS, None of above)

11. __________ is an example of integer data.

(HASAN, D-143, 143, all of the above)

12. High level languages were designed in __________.

(Laboratory, Third generation, Computers, New York)

13. __________ is a high level language.


14. Binary number system has __________.

(Ten digits (0,9), Three digits (-1,0,1), One digit (1), Two digits (0,1))

15. LET statement is __________.

(Optional statement, Assigning statement, Used for expression assignment, all of the above)

16. DATA statement is __________.

(Executable statement, Non-executable statement, Optional statement, None of the above)

17. BASIC stands for __________.

(Basic All-purpose Symbolic Instructon Code, Beginners Assembly Symbols Instruction Code, Basic All Standards In COBOL, Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

18. When using READ statement, it must to provide __________.

(PRINT statement, RESTORE statement, INPUT statement, None of above)

19. ANSI stands for __________.

(All New Small Integration, A National Small Institute, American National Standard Institute, None of the above)

20. Sign of exclamation is __________.

(!, :, I, %)

21. The example of random access storage media is __________.

(Floppy disk drive, Hard disk drive, Tape unit, 51/4’’ floppy disk)

22. The type of memory whose contents can not be changed is __________.


23. The command to see the contents of a disk is __________.


24. DISKCOPY command can format the destination disk __________.

(Before copying, after copying, can not format, format while copying)

25. TYPE command is used to __________.

(To see the contents of a file, Chage the type of a file, make a sub directory, Type a file in the computer)

26. Each statement of BASIC must have a __________.

(Function, Statement number, Program name, File name)

27. The command to create a sub-directory is __________.


28. TAB () function is used to __________.

(Print, Display, Print and Display, None of the above)

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