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The world is now peopled by more than 400 crores of men and women. But they are not all great. Only a few of them are so. It is thus evident that there are some uncommon qualities which these few possess while the other do not.

Greatness does not consist in physical or military strength. Nor does it consist in the possession of vast wealth. Alexander of Macedon was a great conqueror. But no body calls him a grout man. Chenghez Khan. Taimur Lung. Nadir Shah, Hitlor all of them were terrors to the world. But none cares to regard them as great man. Croesus was the richest man in the world and Midas had unlimited gold. But they had never been treated as great. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha were neither conquerors like Alexandar or Taimur Lung nor rich like Croesus or Midas. Still they are remembered with the profoundest respect as great men. What, then, were the qualities that they possessed that made them great?

A great man is no doubt, a conqueror. But he conquers not the body but the heart. This he does by his love for the creatures of God, specially men. He makes no distinction between man and man. In other words, all men as equal to him.

He feels for the ignorance and misery of man and takes up himself the task of relieving of all these. For this he foregoes all considerations for himself and devotes himself to the well-being of the human being at large.

He is extraordinarily wise and mostly thinks and acts correctly. As a human being he is not completely free from errors. But the errors committed by him are but a few. He may be regarded as almost perfect in all his utterances and actions.

He is selfless. He has therefore, no consideration for his personal care and comfort. He eats whatever he gets and dresses himself simply and leads a very simple life.

A great man has no vanity for his own wisdom. He realizes his own littleness and thinks himself just like a disciple seeking after more and more knowledge.

The life of Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) is a living example of at a great man is like. He embodies in himself all the good qualities of a great man. It is for this reason that it has been enjoined on all the Muslims to follow him in all their thoughts and deeds.

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