National industrial relation commission established under L.R.O.

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Q-9      Write a note on national industrial relation commission established under L.R.O.


For the adjudication of industrial disputes in which industry wise trade unions or federations are parties, and any other industrial disputes which in the opinion of the Federal Government are of national importance, the federal Government is authorized to constitute the National Industrial Relations Commission, usually called the N.LR.C.(Sec.49)

The N.LR.C. consists of 8 members including the Chairman. The Federal Government appoints them. The Federal Government shall determine the qualification and terms and conditions of service for appointment as Chairman, and Member of the Commission.

(a)        Nature

The Federal Government is empowered to constitute a National Industrial Relations Commission consisting of at least 8 members including the chairman. The object of appointing the Commission is to create healthy trade unionism, increase in production, and good relations between the workers and the management. Commission is a semi-judicial body.

(b)        Functions

The functions of the NIRC are:

According to Section 49(4) the following are the functions and the powers of the commission.

1.         To decide and determine industrial dispute where an industry-wise trade union or federation is a party, and also any other industrial dispute which the Federal Government regards as of national importance and refers to the commission

2.         To register industry-wise trade unions, federation of such unions and federations at the national level.

3.         To determine the collective bargaining agents amongst the industry-wise trade unions, federations and federation at the national level

4.         To promote the formation of trade unions of workers within an industry having establishments in one or more provinces and the formation of a federation of such unions.

5.         To try offences in respect of matters relating to any of its functions

6.         To deal with cases of unfair practices on the part of the employer of workmen and to take measures to prevent an employer or workmen from committing an unfair labour practice.

7.         To advise the Government, industry-wise trade unions and federations in regard to the education of workers in the essentials of trade unionism, including education in respect of their rights and duties and to secure the provision of facilities required therefore.

8.         To promote the formation of federation at the national level

9.         To exercise other powers and functions, which Federal Government may by notification in the Official Gazette, assign to it from time to time.

10.       The Commission may, on the application of a party or on its own motion, initiate prosecution, trail or proceedings or take action with regard to any matter relating to its functions. (SecA9(5)(a)

11.       The commission may on the application of the party or on its own motion, withdraw, any case of unfair labour practice from the Labour Courts (Sec. 49(5) (b).

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