Newton’s Second Law of Motion

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Newton’s Second Law of Motion


If a certain unbalanced force acts upon a body, it produces acceleration in its own direction. The magnitude of acceleration is directly proportional to the magnitude of the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body.

Mathematical Form

According to this law

f ∞ a

F = m a → Equation of second law

Where ‘F’ is the unbalanced force acting on the body of mass ‘m’ and produces an acceleration ‘a’ in it.

From equation

1 N = 1 kg x 1 m/sec2

Hence one newton is that unbalanced force which produces an acceleration of 1 m/sec2 in a body of mass 1 kg.
Vector Form

Equation ofNewton’s second law can be written in vector form as

F = m a

Where F is the vector sum of all the forces acting on the body.

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