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In every college of Karachi election is held very year to elect a group of students which acts as a union of the college. A union is essentially and basically, a representative body of students.

In our college the election is generally held in the month of December. As President of students union of our collage, the Principal announces the date of election at least a fortnight ago. He also issues a notice which contains the election rules. We ire advised to maintain discipline and refrain from such activities which may bring bed name to college. We are further more advised not to waste our valuable time in canvassing or in similar other ways.

Different student organizations contest the election. Canvassing starts quite some time before the exact date of election. Each contesting party presents its manifesto before the students. Meetings are held. Handbills are distributed. Pamphlets or posters are pasted on the walls. Each student organization has its own flag. These are hoisted at different points of the college building.

The Election Day is a big day forth students. It is a day of rejoicing and merrymaking too. Students start gathering from early in the morning. Slogans are raised. Hot exchange of words and even exchange of blows are not uncommon.

Election is conducted under the supervision of senior Professors. Several polling booths are set up. Votes are cast by ballet. Election starts in the morning and ends by mid. day. The Principal, the Vice-Principal and some other Professors move along the corridors for maintaining law and order. No outsider is permitted to stay within the college premises during the period of voting. The students assemble in the booths and cut their votes. No canvassing of any sort is allowed either inside or outside the booths. Voting passes off without any unpleasant incident.

The counting of votes starts in the presence only of the candidates or their agents and the professors. .When counting starts a gloomy atmosphere prevails in the college budding. All become serious. AU anxiously waits for the result. When the result Ii announced the rejoicing of the winning party knows no bound. They embrace with each other

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