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Note: Attempt any FIVE questions:


1. Communication industry in Pakistan has been growing very rapidly for the past few years many mobile connection providers like mobilink, telenor, u-fone etc have introduced different packages for customer and therefore today the market is highly competitive almost everyday we have been witnessing new, attractive and distinct marketing techniques from these organizations various packages and other considering the marketing activities of mobile connection, providers in the present competitive scenario, answer the following questions.

(i) Describe briefly the product of these organizations indicate the different levels of these products.

(ii) Describe the pricing strategies of these organization specifically indicated various pricing techniques.

(iii) Mobile connection providers have been using very effective marketing mix activities in order of preference. Explain the advertising objectives, media selection at least three sales promotion tools can we discuss the concept of publicity in this industry if yes. Discuss.


2. (a) Define Research and environment of marketing.

(b) Explain with examples the steps involve in research process.

3. (a) Define advertising.

(b) Explain personal selling plan. Support your answer with the help of examples.


4. (a) define Promotion and promotion objectives.

(b) Explain advertising plan. Give example where necessary.


5. (a) Describe factors which affect pricing decision. Indicate three important factors which have affected the prices of consumer products in our market.

(b) Explain pricing strategy. Give real examples where necessary.

6. (a) Define Market segmentation and target marketing.

(b) How does life style affect on consumer purchase decision. Give example.


7. Distingust among advertising, publicity, personal selling and sales promotion. Evaluate the five methods of promotional budgeting.


8. (a) What is MIS? Explain flow of information in an effective MIS.

(b) Mention the marketing decision, heavily relaying on MIS.


9. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

(i) MIS (ii) Sales promotion

(iii) Promotion planning (iv) Product Mix

(v) Price quality association.

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