Punjab University MA Economics Past Paper-3 Part-2 2011

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Q1. (a) Explain the different techniques for the measurement of Economic development. Which is better and why?

(b) What is difference between economic development and Economic growth?

(c) Critically analyze the Kuznet’s Inverted- “U” hypothesis.

Q2 (a) Discuss the importance and limitations of “Take-off” stage for Underdeveloped countries.

(b) Briefly explain the “‘Vicious circle of Poverty”.

(c) In the light of above ‘b’. Explain the main obstacles in the way of economic development.


Q3. (a) Explain with the help of HIRSCHMAN’S Strategy, how economic growth can be achieved by deliberately imbalancing the economics.

(b) Critically evaluate the above ‘a’ theory.


Q4. (a) Discuss the rural Industrialization inPakistan.

(b) What is meant by Mechanized Farming?

(c) Briefly explain the concept of Demographic Transition.


Q5. (a) Explain the Two Gap Model of foreign assistance.

(b) Critically evaluate the above ‘a’ model.

(c) Why developing countries accept aid?

Q6. (a) Discuss the economic characteristics of various poverty groups.

(b) Discuss Social Action programs and Poverty Alleviation -In


(c) What developed countries can do for the global environment?

Q7. Write short notes any TWO of the following:

(a) Market Friendly Approach


(c) Role of Multination2l Corporations,

(d) Impacts of Trade Liberation and Globalization

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