Punjab University MA English Paper-5 Part-1, 2011

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NOTE: Attempt any FOUR questions. ALL questions carry equal marks.

Q1. Choose two poems from you recourse and explain in detail how Poets give us a fresh view of things through the use of poetic language.

Q2. Write a critical note on Painter by John Ashbury.


Q3. Critically evaluate the poem Stil Citizen Sparrow by Richard



Q4. Discuss the symbolic significance of the title Jazz by Morrison.

Q5. What are the symbolic significance concerns that Miller explores in the play The Crucible?


Q6. “A harrowing domestic tragedy, the play offers a clear insight into human psyche.” Discuss with close reference to the play Mourning becomes Eletra.

Q7. Hemingway has been praised by critics for his meticulous craftsmanship and dramatic understatement illustrate these qualities by referring closely to the novel For whom the Bell Tolls.


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