Punjab University MA Past Paper-14 of Political Science, Part-2, 2011

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Q1. What is Local Govt.? Discuss its importance in the context of developing country like Pakistan.

Q2. Discuss in detail the main features of Local Govt. ordinance 1979.

Q3. Write a comprehensive note on District Ombudsman.

Q4. Why political Govt. inPakistanis not interested in the development of the Local Govt. system? Discuss.

Q5. Determine the nature of relations between Provincial Govt. and District Govt. inPakistan.

Q6. Compare and contrast British Local Govt. System with that ofU.S.A.

Q7. Analyze the Committee system of Local Govt. inU.K.

Q8. Discuss the channels through which the Federal and state Govt. influence the Local Govt. in U.S.A

Q9. Write short note on any Two of the following:

  1. Local Govt. Board
  2. Octroi as municipal tax
  3. District co-ordination Officer


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