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Q2. Write note on Quasi Contract.



Quasi Contract is based on the basis of equity and justice. It simply states that no body shall enrich him unjustly at the expense of another. Law creates right and duties between the parties. So Quasi Contract or implied contract is a contract which is constituted by law.



The silent features of a quasi contract are as under:


  • It is imposed by law and does not arise from any agreement.
  • The duty of a party and not the promise of any party is the basis of such contract.
  • The right under it is always a right to money and generally, though not always, to a liquidated sum of money.
  • The right under it is available against specific person and not against the world


  • A suit for its breach may be filed in the same way as in case of a complete contract.
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  1. Namrah Amjad says:

    The quasi Contracts are the contract in which parties do not intend to create a contract.. it is the Law which makes out the contract for them

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